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Beware Fake Social Media Profiles

Fake ABDL Company profile on Instagram

Scammers Are Impersonating Our Social Media Accounts

Recently it has come to our attention that bad actors are impersonating ABDL Company on social media. It seems they are trying to add individuals in the community with the intention of scamming them by having them place orders paid for via direct PayPal payments.

We Do Not Accept Orders On Social Media

We do not accept orders over social media, nor do we send direct PayPal links for payment. All purchases must be completed on our official websites, or 3rd party marketplaces.

Our Official Web Presence

To help you avoid scams and be certain you are dealing with us, here is a list of all of our official websites, marketplace shops, and social media accounts:

If you find a social media account or online shop not listed above that claims to be us, please let us know so we can work to get them removed.

Contact Us With Any Questions Or Concerns

If you ever have any questions or second thoughts about if an account or website claiming to be affiliated with ABDL Company, please contact us so we can help!

Stay safe out there <3

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