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Shipping Delays At our Boston Facility

Unfortunately we’re currently experiencing some significant shipping delays at our Boston location.

It seems a water main broke in our warehouse facility. Don’t worry, all of our stock is fine, but even our XL diapers aren’t big enough to fix this leak!

We’re waiting on the city to fix the water main, and we are not allowed into the building until it is repaired, due to fire codes regarding the lack of a working sprinkler system.

The latest news we have is that a repair crew is supposed to be making a temporary fix tomorrow, with a permanent one on Monday. We are hoping orders will ship out tomorrow or Saturday, but unfortunately that’s not something we can guarantee.

Please rest assured we will be shipping orders as soon as possible, and we will post an update once we’re shipping again

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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