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The Dotty Diaper Company Announces Pride Diaper, Worldwide Distribution Partnerships

Medical Supply Company Releases New Diaper Design, Expands Distribution Channels Into North America

United Kingdom – August 11th, 2017 – The Dotty Diaper company announced today the “Pride” diaper, a premium 5000ml diaper with the same absorbency as their Super Boompa and Dotty The Pony adult diapers.

“When we started Dotty we always wanted to do a pride diaper. Pride is extremely important to everyone here on this team, and getting it right was paramount to us personally. Behind the scenes we have been working on this diaper for a year, taking advice from community members, and fine tuning it.” said The Dotty Diaper Company.

In support of the expanded product line, The Dotty Diaper Company also announced two strategic partnerships:

The ABDL Company™, a lifestyle company with a focus on serving the needs of the ABDL community, has been named as the exclusive North American wholesale distributor for The Dotty Diaper Company.  

“We have been working on finding the right partner to expand into the USA in a meaningful way, and with The ABDL Company we feel that we have found that partner! We are excited to have Dotty in North America, which means lower prices, cheaper, faster shipping, and no import fees for our US and Canadian customers!” said The Dotty Diaper Company.

ABDL Marketplace, an adult fetish and lifestyle community marketplace, has partnered with The Dotty Diaper Company to manage shipping and distribution operations for the UK and Europe.

“In addition to cheaper and quicker shipping, ABDL Marketplace Reward Points can be spent across both ABDL Marketplace and the Dotty Diaper website. We hope this will take our business forward in a positive way by helping you, the community!” said The Dotty Diaper Company.

The Pride diaper is due out in late October, and will be available from The ABDL Company in The United States and Canada, and from The Dotty Diaper Company in the UK and Europe.

About The Dotty Diaper Company
The Dotty Diaper Company is a UK based health care company specialising in alternative designs for adult nappies /diapers. Our goal is to produce the highest quality products made with our customers in mind. Dotty Diaper products are available worldwide through multiple outlets, but can also be purchased and shipped directly. For more information visit

About The ABDL Company™
The ABDL Company™ is a 100% ABDL owned & operated lifestyle company, founded to spread awareness and acceptance of the little lifestyle while catering to the needs of the wonderfully diverse ageplay community. Our focus is on quality, innovation, and customer service. The ABDL Company sells  a range of diapers, clothing and accessories from a number of brands, including house brands My Little Secret and A Little Spooky. Welcome to a magical world limited only by your imagination. Learn more at

About ABDL Marketplace
ABDL Marketplace is an adult fetish and lifestyle community for men and women who wear diapers, plastic pants, and sissy clothes. The marketplace is designed for sellers to have their own website. ABDL Marketplace buys in our own stock from manufacturers around the world. For more information visit

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The ABDL Company
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ABDL Marketplace
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